This machine is designed to binddocuments that are 8.

This machine is designed to binddocuments that are 8.This machine offers a sleek and contemporary design that is easy to use and easy to transport. The storage tray also has a built in guide formeasuring the size of your comb binding supplies and to help determinethe right size of spine for your document.The Star is a larger and improved version of the Fellowes Starlet plastic comb binding machine.TheStar binding machine includes a single ergonomic handle that stretchesacross the front of the machine. To bind documents that aresmaller or larger than 11" in length a machine with disengageable diesand an open throat would be necessary.25" in size.The combopener on this machine has metal fingers and metal hooks.00 and a selling price of around $75.Recommendation: The Fellowes Star isa great choice for organizations that are looking for a low costplastic comb binding machine for occasional use in a home office orsmall office environment.Users who need to bind documents thicker than this will really need toconsider a different machine. Manyinexpensive comb binding machines use plastic hooks to save money.This machine isconstructed almost entirely out of plastic. Users who need to bindmore than a few documents per week should really consider a larger moredurable machine.Higher volume users will want to consider a heavier duty machine with metal components and an expanded feature set. It can also punch oversized covers thatare 8.75" x 11.Strengths / Features: TheFellowes Star binding machine is designed to be extremely economicaland offers light volume users an opportunity to bind their owndocuments without spending hundreds of dollars on equipment.There isa built in storage tray on the side of the machine to hold a smallsupply of plastic combs.

. It has aMSRP of about $110. However, it is not capable of punchinglegal size, A4 size or custom sized sheets. This makes it easy for both righthanded and left handed operators carton gluing machine Suppliers to use this machine.Overview: The Fellowes Star is a low cost introductory plastic comb binding machine designed for home office and small office users.However, plastic hooks frequently break off making the machine useless. It ispossible to punch documents thicker than this using this machine. For most occasional usersthis should not be a problem.However, the comb opener is not designed to handle larger sized combs.Weaknesses / Limitations: TheStar binding machine is only capable of binding documents up to 3/4"thick. That equates to about 150 sheets of 20lb bond paper.Providedthat your organization doesn't need to bind documents larger than 3/4"thick and doesn't need to do more than occasional binding then this isa great fit.The Star offers a sleek ergonomic design, is simple to use and is easy to transport.5" x 11". This helps to ensure that binding supplies arealways within reach. For thefeatures, this machine offers a great price and value. However, the machine is simply notdesigned for high volume binding applications


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